What we do for you through legislation!

Since 1971, the Florida Apartment Association’s Political Action Committee has helped to elect pro-multifamily industry candidates from across Florida. The purpose of APAC is simple: to raise funds and elect candidates who understand and support our issues and interests. During the 2014 election cycle, 98 percent of APAC-supported candidates in Florida — both Republicans and Democrats — were elected.

APAC is the voice for Florida’s multifamily industry, and your voluntary contributions to APAC enable FAA to advocate for you in Tallahassee. Your contributions matter and help to elect both Republican and Democrats in Florida to support our industry; during the last election cycle 98% of APAC supported candidates were elected in Florida!

What is APAC working on in 2016?

  • Expanding the types of repairs maintenance professionals may perform
  • Ensuring all residents in Florida carry renter’s insurance
  • Supporting affordable housing funding though the Sadowski Affordable Trust Fund
  • Opposing criminal penalties for landlords and apartment employees who violate sections of the Landlord-Tenant Act.

Our continued success depends on the financial strength of APAC. Consider your APAC contribution as a form of business insurance. You are making an investment to ensure the election of candidates who will help protect our industry. Remember, your freedom to do business depends on our continued ability to advocate for your issues!