About the Capital City Apartment Association

The Capital City Apartment Association (CCAA) represents the interests of the multifamily rental housing industry throughout the Tallahassee area.

CCAA is a local trade association whose membership is comprised of apartment owners, operators, developers, and their onsite teams, as well as, companies supplying goods and services to and for the apartment industry. 

The primary goals of the Capital City Apartment Association include:

  • To advance the general welfare of the multifamily housing industry through the association of those involved in ownership, management, and supplying products and services to the industry;

  • To develop and maintain within the multifamily housing industry a high appreciation of the objectives and responsibilities of owners, managers, and suppliers of products and services in fully serving the public;

  • To advocate and encourage the constant improvement of multifamily housing management and operational techniques;

  • To secure cooperative action in advancing the common purposes of its members and associate members; and proper consideration of opinion upon questions affecting the multi-family housing industry in the jurisdiction of the Association as determined by the Florida Apartment Association, Inc.;

  • To function as an affiliated association of the Florida Apartment Association, Inc. and the National Apartment Association;

  • To participate, for the purpose of mutual benefit, in an interchange of information and experience with all state and local affiliated associations of the National Apartment Association;

  • To disseminate useful information and inspire members to further educate themselves in the theory and practice of their multi-family housing industry and related businesses;

  • To hold workshops seminars, education courses, and exhibits of products and services which may be beneficial to the conduct of the multi-family housing industry and related businesses;